Disable Joomla in Home Page

In case you are utilizing Joomla CMS dependent web-site and hate overlapping visibility of Joomla components on the website property web page, then you definitely have found the appropriate write-up to receive rid off with this monsters trouble. However, Joomla parts plays a crucial function in improving the practical talents of a web-site, although the overt existence of these equipment can destroy the appears of your enticing website homepage.


Step: 1

Develop a new module and set the location as frontcomp:
You need to place below given codes into the index file of your Joomla template.

Step: 2

Now Replace Below Code With Display Component:


Creation of Custom Module

It is the third step of your process. Now, you need to create a new and customized HTML module, set the position of module as Frontcomp and select homepage only to display.
That’s it! You have done it fabulously, Now, you can visit your website and check the expected changes. If you did not find overlapping Joomla components at the home page of your website, then you have certainly did a great job.