European ASP.NET Hosting Tutorial – How to Use JavaScript to Avoid Submit Page in Text Box

Normally in the controls like Text box at ASP.NET Webform, whenever you press enter key it will submit the page. In other words, it will post the page back to the server. In this post, we are going to explain different ways how to avoid this by using JavaScript.

How to Use JavaScript to Avoid Submit Page in Text Box

#1. Insert the JavaScript Directly to The Markup

In this way, you need to include the “onkeydown” event on each text box control.

#2. Insert JavaScript Through Server Side Code

If you want to achieve the above one in server side, that is you loop through the controls and inject the same javascript snippet. For this, you can use the following markup and code behind:


Code behind:

#3. Using JQuery

In the above two techniques, either we need to include the same line in each control or we need to loop through the controls and inser the JavaScript. In some cases you may want to achieve the same using jQuery.

Simple Right?

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