European ASP.NET Hosting Tutorial :: How to Use JavaScript to Create Simple Animation

In this example, you are going to learn how to create simple animation of an object using JavaScript. The object we’re referring to here is any image. Consider an example whereby we have an image and on click of that image the image should move from one place to another place. This task can be done using JavaScript in ASP.NET  by moving an object from one place to another place.


How to Create Simple Animation in ASP.NET?

The following is the design of the application:

We have a div control which has an image being applied on the background and simultaneously, inside the div we are having an image control displaying the image of an airplane.


The following is the source code for moving the airplane from one cloud to another cloud:

When a user clicks on the airplane then that object will move from one place to another place. This is how it looks:

Animation2Done, we’ve created a simple animation using JavaScript in ASP.NET. Hope that you’ll like this example!

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