European SharePoint Hosting Tutorial :: How to Hide Quick Launch Bar in SharePoint 2013

In this tutorial, we will show you how to hide quick launch bar in SharePoint 2013 using css Property.


You can hide quick launch bar in SharePoint by using css and also you can remove that by modifying the master page. If you will modify through css code, then this is going to be page specific, mean which page you want to hide, you need to write the css code in that page.

1st Approach – How to Hide Quick Launch Bar in SharePoint

Put the below css code in the page using a script editor web part to hide the quick launch bar. Edit the page and then add a web part and then select script editor web part from the web part gallery.

Here, sideNavBox is the <div> id of the quick launch bar. n which page you want, you can put the above code in Script editor web part.

2nd Approach – How to Hide Quick Launch Bar in SharePoint

Rather than putting the code in every page, you can put the code in the master page itself. If you put in the master page, then whatever page inherit the master page, will reflect those changes. By default Team site uses seattle.master page. Here one point, before doing any changes to the master page, please take a backup of the page and then modify on the page.

Then, you can edit the master page using Sharepoint 2013 designer and then put the below code inside the <body> tag.

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