My WordPress is Broken! What Should I Do? (Tips to Fix Common WordPress Errors)

We all love WordPress, but sometimes it can drive us a bit crazy. While WordPress is really easy to use, everybody using WordPress has at least dealt once in their life with some of these common WordPress errors. WordPress may be easy to use, but it can also be daunting for beginners who have not quite gotten the hang of it.

wordpress-error-840x420But whenever WordPress decides to act up, don’t worry yourself too much, there is always a solution as you’re going to learn in this post. Get ready to start focusing on building your company successful again, we are going to help you to solve most common WordPress errors. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common WordPress errors and how to fix it.

1. Internal Server Error

This error usually happens when there is something wrong, but unlike many common WordPress errors, the internal server error does not tell you what you need to fix. Because the server can’t tell you what is exactly wrong it is mostly for up to you to figure out what is actually wrong, this can be quite frustrating.

500-Internal-server-error-e1411220385335Some of the possible causes for the Internal Server error are the following:

  • Corrupted plugin functionsThe easiest way to disable your plugins is to log in your FTP or File Manager and rename the plugin folder to something else. You should be able to find it at ../wp-content/plugins/.
  • Corrupted theme functionsIt your issue is caused by theme malfunction, you should be able to log into your WP Admin. The easiest solution is to just change you theme.
  • Corrupted .htaccessSometimes this error can be caused by corrupted .htaccess. You should log in via FTP or File manager and rename the .htaccess file to something else (for example .htaccess1). Check if your site is back on. If yes, go to the Settings>Permalinks and save your permalinks settings again. This should also rewrite the .htaccess files.
  • Exhausted PHP memory limitA fast solution to this issue is creating a php.ini file with the following code in it.

How to fix this common WordPress Errors?

You should save and upload the file (using FTP again) to your /wp-admin/ folder. If this didn’t solve your problem, you should contact your web hosting provider for help. They should be able to help you find out what is exhausting your memory or they can help you re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders from a fresh installation.

2. Syntax WordPress Error

This error should look something like this :

syntax-errorThis is most commonly caused by unexpected or missing character in the code.  The good news is that it tells you exactly where the error is.

How to fix this common WordPress Errors?

You can easily fix the mistaken code. If you know what you’re doing and if you are able to find the mistake, you can correct it from the Editor in your WP Admin or in the affected file directly. Or you can try out a different plugin or theme. If the error occurs after you have activated a new plugin or theme and you do not know how to fix it, you can just replace the plugin or theme with a different one.

3. Error Establishing A Database Connection

Mostly an error like this has three root causes, an error in the “wp-config.php” file, there might be a problem with your hosting provider, or the most scary one; You’ve been hacked!

How to fix this common WordPress Error?

  • Edit your “wp-config.php” file
    By now you should be familiar with the concept of FTP, try accessing your wp-config.php file in the root directory of your WordPress installation. Open up the file in your favourite editor and confirm that the database name, host, username and password are matching with those supplied by your poster. These should normally be almost at the top of the file, after editing be sure to save (and upload if necessary) the file.
  • Fix issues with your web hosting provider
    If your “wp-config.php” file is all fine, but the error is still there, it’s time to start talking to your WordPress hosting provider. They will normally be able to tell you, whether their database server is experiencing problems or your database was shut down (for exceeding it’s quota for example). If they tell you everything is fine on their end, it might be that you are hacked.
  • Scan your website to determine if it’s compromised
    There is always a possibility that you fall victim to a hackers attack, especially if you don’t know how to secure your WordPress. To make sure you website hasn’t been hacked, scan it using a tool like Sucuri Sitecheck. If Sucuri gives you the bad news, just stay calm and check out this article at the WordPress Codex, around what to do next.
    To help prevent hacking in the first place, we recommend installing a couple of plugins like BruteProtect, Security Protection and Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening.

4. Image Upload Issue in WordPress

Sometimes you can suddenly notice that all the images from your WordPress site are gone and are showing broken image placeholders. When the you try to upload an image to a post using the media uploader, it results into an error. All these files in the media library will appear as broken. This error occurs due to incorrect file and directory permissions in a WordPress installation. A number of factors may cause this issue.

It’s possible that your web hosting provider ran an upgrade and something caused the file permissions to change. It might also be possible that a hacker made those changes while uploading a backdoor hack. Or on a poorly configured share hosting, it is also possible that when one user installs a theme or plugin from an unreliable source, the script ends up mistakenly changing file permissions for everyone.

If everything else is working fine on your website, then you just need to change file permissions back to normal. When in doubt, just can always ask your hosting provider for support.

How to fix this common WordPress Error?

To fix the file permissions, fire up your FTP client and go to the “/wp-content/“ directory. Right click on the uploads directory and select “file permissions”. Change your permissions to “744” for only the uploads directory and all of it’s sub directories. If setting it to “744” doesn’t work, try setting it to “755”. After you’ve changed all your directory permissions we still need to change the permissions of the files within the directories. Change the permissions of the individual files to “644”.Once it is done, you can go back to your WordPress admin area and try uploading images again.

5. Connection Timed Out Error

If your WordPress website lives on an overused shared server, you will see this WordPress error more often than not. The error can be caused by either heavy plugins, theme function errors or an exhausted PHP memory limit.

How to fix this common WordPress Error?

Do a proper check of which of these three is the cause of the timed out error, try deactivating the plugins you installed recently or reset your plugins folder at first. If this works, try contacting the creator of the plugin and asking him to fix the error. If this doesn’t work try changing your theme to the default WordPress theme. Just like with the plugin, if this fixes the problem try contacting the creator of the plugin.

If both don’t work try increasing your PHP memory limit. As described in our previous article this can easily be done by creating a file called “php.ini” and putting the following line in this file:

Save the file and upload it to your “/wp-admin/“ directory. This off course goes on from the premise that you are currently using only 64MB for example, otherwise you can always put something in here like 256MB etc.

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