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We are pleased to inform that ASP.NET Core 8 is now supported on all HostForLIFE servers. Both new and current customers can request this feature by opening a support ticket, and our team will take care of setting it up for you.

Continue reading this blog post to find out more about the new features included in the most recent version of ASP.NET Core 8.

ASP.NET Core 8 New Features

1. Garbage Collector Improvements

The memory limit of cloud-native applications, particularly those operating on Kubernetes platforms, can now be dynamically adjusted by the.NET garbage collector.

2. JSON Enhancements

The serialization and deserialization of JSON in.NET has been improved. As a result, new numeric types like the half struct are supported, which is compatible with the floating-point hardware found in NPUs and hardware accelerators.

3. Randomness Tools

Randomness can now be directly used as a selector thanks to new tools that provide randomness in code. Applications involving machine learning will find this especially helpful.

4. Cryptography Enhancements

The inclusion of SHA-3 support guarantees the security of.NET applications in light of the quickly changing nature of cyber threats and offers an alternative to the commonly used SHA-2.

5. Silicon-Specific Features

Features based on the Intel AVX-512 instruction set take advantage of the power of contemporary hardware to provide notable performance increases, particularly for applications that heavily rely on data processing.

6. Time Abstraction

Bugs related to time can be hard to find. For developers creating international apps, the new time abstraction feature is a godsend as it enables local time providers to work across time zones.

Wrap Up

It’s obvious that.NET 8 will redefine standards for innovation, versatility, and performance. All of the features are available at We are dedicated to giving our clients access to the most advanced ASP.NET technology available, far ahead of competitors.

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