3 Reasons to Use Windows Hosting

There are many reasons you might pick a Windows-based server package. One of the most straightforward reasons someone might choose Windows is that Windows Server offers an excellent GUI. The GUI makes it easy for novice system admins to accomplish simple tasks quickly.

Essential functions in Linux need to be done on the command line unless a GUI such a GNOME is installed which removes some of the resource/speed advantage running Linux gives you in the first place. Your comfortability with the server you are working with should undoubtedly play a factor in which hosting package you pick.

One neat feature new with Windows Server 2016 is the nano server installation. Nano Server is an extremely lightweight remotely administered server. It’s suitable when you need to build a server for a specific purpose such as running IIS or running a DNS server.

While there are limitations to Nano Server, it removes one of the critical things that Linux advocates point to when citing advantage of Linux over Windows hosting. Nano Server is extremely quick, and light on resource requirements is making it on par with the Linux alternatives. The next revision of Nano Server will even have Docker support.

Another time when Windows Server is a clear choice is when you are running some of the more popular Microsoft exclusive technologies. Windows Server supports software such as Microsoft Exchange and Windows Sharepoint, which even if there is to a workaround to get it working on Linux, it wouldn’t be the ideal situation to run in a corporate environment.

Virtualization is currently one of the most talked about and popular technology in the community of web hostings market. One of the best platforms prepared for this technology is Microsoft Windows. The Windows hosting plans are ideal for those looking for convenience, control and low costs. Convenience is offered by the powerful control panels like Plesk that allow you to control the functionality offered and have benefits in terms of costs. This article aims to give you some ideas about the reasons why you should consider Windows Services in your next choice

1. Excellent cost

The cost of a virtual private server is always lower than a dedicated server hosting. The only advantage is that, it offers many of the same benefits. Instead of buying or renting a physical server that is too expensive to run applications and host your site, you may choose a VPS and save a lot of money. Because the Windows Server platform is drawing to make the most of the computer resources, has several benefits and personalization performance, which makes this solution more useful to most users.

2. Convenience

A Windows hosting plan offers a convenience spectacular. With various benefits such as guaranteed system resources and burstable RAM, programmers can separate critical tasks into simple tasks. For example, with the right software tools, you can easily generate each image and text, in order to obtain a system of effective content management. In addition to this, this type of account provides a great use of resource and management when compared to shared hosting environments. Even if you are in a situation that is reaching the limits of resources, guaranteed VPS packages offer extra RAM – known as burstable RAM, which increases the memory capacity of your RAM and allows you to continue working without problems.

3. Applications

One factor that draws attention of webmasters and programs for hosting in general is the possibility to set up and install your own applications. Additionally, Windows also comes equipped typically with ASP or ASP.NET, where both are used to create applications by using the framework from Microsoft. Aside from that, the Windows hosting accounts are also integrated with technologies like Javascript, Python, PHP and Cold Fusion. The Windows platform and virtualization become a spectacular combination.


Whether you pick a Windows Server or a Linux Server, you will end up with a good server solution. At the end of the day, if you don’t mind paying a little more for a Windows server solution, it comes down to a matter of personal taste and needs. You may find it a little easier to get help for Linux servers and it’ll be a little cheaper, but the Windows server may be easier for you to use, especially if you are a novice.

There are good reasons Windows servers remain an option on the market, and you should always keep them in mind. If you’re looking for Windows server hosting, then you can visit our site at http://www.hostforlifeasp.net.