3 Things To Consider When Choosing Shared Hosting

For many of us, shared hosting is not only the most cost effective web hosting service but also the only type of service we’ll ever really need. When will you need to move beyond shared hosting? Here are some things that you can review and decide when choosing a shared hosting service.

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Shared Hosting

How’s your site traffic?

Because shared web hosting divides and rents out space to sites on a single server, it’s allocating limited resources. Aside from being limited in your disk space, you are also limited in your bandwidth. If you’re web site is growing- or you want it to grow- shared hosting might be a hindrance. Not only do you have to hope that another site (or sites) on your same server aren’t terribly popular, thus leaving you with bandwidth to use up, but you may already be losing potential traffic because there already is a site hogging the bandwidth. If your shared hosting can’t handle your site traffic, the performance of your site goes down, server up time can be compromised, and you generally lose out. So, evaluate your traffic needs and see if you need to upgrade your web hosting service.

How much information is on your site?

The same limitations that affect traffic management can hinder you much deep content is on your site and whether you can have a well functioning database. If you need to operate databases on your site, many shared web hosting providers offer that service. But, the performance you get from it may be a disappointment. Taking up disk space and server performance, databases don’t always run well with shared hosting. Additionally, depending on the information you have on the site, with shared hosting you are in a potentially compromising situation with security. With so many different sites running together on one server, security can often be limited and difficult (or impossible) to customize. If most of your site information is safe for public consumption, then you’re fine if you stay with shared hosting. Any greater need for information management will require an upgrade.

How much technical or content support do you need?

Feeling disappointed with your shared hosting customer service doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more on upgrading your service, it may just mean you need to find a better, more customer friendly provider. But, there is also a ceiling on how much support and private collaboration you can get from shared hosting providers. It’s the norm for shared hosting providers to provide automated installation programs and templates that provide a plug and play experience for novice webmasters. If the customization needs are greater than what you feel you can do yourself, upgrading beyond basic shared hosting may be right for you.

Feeling frustrated with your shared hosting may not only be a sign that you need a new provider, but a web hosting service that goes beyond shared hosting like dedicated hosting services. Just evaluate your needs carefully so you know what services you’ll need when upgrading the hosting plan.

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