5 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Clients During Covid-19

Running a business during a global pandemic is a once in a lifetime situation. It certainly is a testing time. If you can get through the other side of this while retaining your business (even if undergoes a lot of change), then chances are yours is one that will last for many years more.

To do this, it’s important that you keep in touch with your clients as much as possible in this period, even if you’ve had to close offices, storefronts, or operate remotely. Here are five ways you can do this in compliance with the temporary lockdown restrictions:

1. Keep Communication by Sending A Care Pack

Let your clients know that your business is still operating and that you haven’t lost sight of their needs by sending them a care package of corporate gifts and promotional products. This can be customized based on your industry and relationships. If you are in any food or hospitality-related industry then including your bestselling products, as well as a branded bottle of wine or toy for your client’s kids could be one way to set it up. 

You could also include items that will help your clients work remotely, like branded office stationery and desk accessories. A lot of people’s livelihoods are being affected by this pandemic so including anything practical and make sure to be sincere in the message that you leave. Your clients will remember this act. 

2. Send Holiday Emails and Newsletters

After updating your websites with seasonal offers, CTAs, and holiday hours, ramp up your online social media efforts announcing your holiday specials. Remind people you’re not only still around, but you’re also the source of their best gifts.

3. Create Online Content to Keep in Touch

It doesn’t matter whether or not your entire business has shifted online during this crisis. It’s a fact that people are spending more time online during Coronavirus, so this is a useful opportunity for you to stay in communication with current and prospective clients. Whether you are creating a couple of informative videos to include in your newsletters or a live Q&A style video content for social media, this is a relatively simple way to keep the conversation going between your business and your clients.

4. Offer online deals

If your business already has an e-commerce component, remind customers that they can still shop for their favorite items on your website. It might even help to offer a coupon or discount to encourage online shopping while your customers are staying home anyway.

If you operate a service-based business like a restaurant or a salon, you may want to consider offering online sales of gift certificates. Encourage your customers to buy a certificate now, so they can treat themselves and redeem it when the virus outbreak has slowed and their self-quarantine period is over. This can help maintain sales for you, while giving your customers something fun and exciting to look forward to.

5. Give Credit that Can be Used Later

If you are in an industry like tourism, arts, events or hospitality and have been unable to continue operating in this time, then you may want to consider offering your customers promotions or credit to be used once you’re able to open your doors again.

Don’t simply offer the promotion or purchase of credit in a simple sales-formatted email. Take the time to communicate what’s going on in your business and why your customer support is essential.  Be transparent about how COVID-19 is impacting your business, what alternative services you’re providing in the meantime (if possible), and how much you value your clientele.

George W