7 Simple Steps For higher Search Engine Ranking

08b561f5-4aa9-460b-8148-25a895505415You want to make sure that you have a lot of relevant keywords in your meta tags first off. you also need to have a lot of html text on your page. fill out your alt tags for all your images. you also want to avoid duplicate content as the spiders will disregard them.

These are general guidelines that may vary from search engine to search engine:

1. Keywords should be relevant, applicable, and clearly associated with page body content.

2. Keywords should be used as allowed and accepted by the search engines (placement, color, etc.)

3. Keywords should not be utilized too many times on a page (frequency, density, distribution, etc.)

4. Redirection technology (if used) should facilitate and improve the user experience. But understand that this is almost always considered a trick and is frequently a cause for removal from an index.

5. Redirection technology (if used) should always display a page where the body content contains the appropriate keywords (no bait and switch).

6. Redirection technology (if used) may not alter the URL (redirect), affect the browser BACK button (cause a loop), or display page information that is not the property of the site owner or allowed by agreement without sound technical justification (ie, language redirects).

7. Pages should not be submitted to the search engines too frequently.

Additionally, you need to make your site sticky. This means you need to have a content rich site that makes your users stay at your site longer than your competitors.

I would suggest if you don’t know ABC of SEO, then think of taking the services of SEO professional, though they chargeFree Web Content, they give you value for money.