How to Increase Brand Awareness with Pop-up

When you are about to access a website using a smartphone or computer, has information ever appeared before you? Usually this information contains a warning or just a notification. This is what is called a pop up.

Not only that, sometimes ad images appear when you scroll through social media. Or simpler and more frequently encountered is the appearance of notifications on your smartphone screen. From the several examples above, if you are familiar with using the internet and social media, you are definitely familiar with it.

In this article, we will get to know what a pop up is, its types, functions, and how to make it. Check out the full explanation below!

What is Pop Up?

Pop Up is information that appears in the form of a small window that appears on the front screen of the visual interface on the website or application. Technically, this notification will only appear when we run an application by selecting a button or entering a certain page on a website, application and so on.

On several websites and applications, the appearance of this notification can be adjusted depending on the user’s wishes. The reason is because some users may have visited the website many times, so they feel uncomfortable if they have to display the same information.

If you want it to appear, the user must set it, otherwise, so that it doesn’t appear, you just don’t activate it. In smartphones, the same term as a pop up is a notification. Even though the smartphone screen is locked, this notification will still appear.

What is the Purpose of Pop Up

There are several pop up functions that make it useful for your website or application. Check out the full explanation below.

1. Giving a Warning

The first function is as a means to give a warning or warning. If something happens then this warning will appear to notify of the problem. Like a website page that cannot respond when accessed, when that happens it will display a notification that the page is not responding to you.

2. Notifier

The next function is as a notifier. This is useful for reminding users to be aware of activities that were previously carried out. Such as the download process that has been completed, incoming chat messages and so on.

3. Promotion media

Another function is as a tool for promotion. Because this notification displays various important information that is useful for users. Usually, websites or applications will display ongoing promotions or attractive offers via notifications that appear on your screen.

Advantages of Using Pop Up for Digital Marketing

After knowing what it means and what it does, you may wonder what are the advantages of using pop ups for your websites and applications. Here are some reasons why you should start using it, especially for your business digital marketing strategy.

1. Increase conversions

Businesses can increase conversions by displaying special offers or discounts at the right time, thereby stimulating visitors to make a purchase. You can use attractive designs and copywriting so that visitors are encouraged to click on the information.

2. Strengthen brand awareness

You can strengthen brand awareness by displaying brand-related messages when visitors are active on the website. It is usually used to place advertisements. You must have visited a website and found notifications containing product advertisements, right? You can apply this to your business as well.

3. Attract the attention of visitors

Attractive notifications can help grab a visitor’s attention by displaying an engaging message or displaying interesting content. The message can contain an introduction to a new product, an ongoing promo, or an event that you will be holding.

4. Collect visitor data

You can use it to collect visitor data such as email addresses, names, telephone numbers, and others, which can be used for marketing purposes. You can combine it with the strategy of holding events and asking them to register. Apart from that, you can also share ebooks that are emailed to website visitors.

5. Improve user experience

These notifications can improve the user experience by providing relevant information or helping visitors find the content they are looking for. However, keep in mind that using these notifications also has drawbacks, such as disrupting the user experience or being considered spam if done too much, so they need to be considered carefully before implementing them in a marketing strategy.

Types of Pop Up

Once you know its function, there are several types of pop ups that you can use below!

1. Pop Up Dialog Box

First, the type of pop up is a dialog box. This type serves to provide a warning or confirmation to the user. Like when you have finished work in Microsoft Excel or Word. If you want to save it, a confirmation will appear containing agreeing or not to save or cancel.

2. Application Pop Ups

Second, the type of pop up is an application. This type serves to display notifications that contain notifications or warnings. Notifications of this type can be seen without having to open the application. Applications that support this such as whatsapp, instangram and others.

3. Pop Up Menu

Third, the type of pop up is a menu. This type functions as an option before the user performs an action on the application. Like if you access the file manager then there will be several action options displayed.

4. Pop Up Ads

The fourth type is advertising. This type generally appears to promote a product. This notification cannot be managed because its presence can appear suddenly.

5. Pop Up Chat

The fifth type is chat. As the name implies, you can only find this type in special applications for chatting. Like messenger or whatsapp. Almost the same as notifications, they don’t only display incoming messages, but you can reply to messages more easily

6. Settings Pop Up

The last type is setting. This type offers certain options ranging from feature access commands and so on. You can find this notification on your computer or laptop by right-clicking. Several action options will appear on the screen.

How to Make Pop Up Notification

If you want to create a pop up on a website like WordPress you can do it like this:

  • First login to the WordPress dashboard
  • Then click the plugins menu (> add new in the sidebar)
  • After that, find and install the CM Pop up plugin
  • If it has been successfully installed, click the CM pop up banners for WordPress menu in the sidebar
  • Then click the Add New Campaign button, if you want to fill in your ad content, you can fill it here.
  • Finally, specify the configuration and activate it by clicking publish


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