Most Widely Used Tools For Checking Website Speed

When the customers arrive at your website, they have to wait for it to get loaded. The load time of page is the time between that moment when the user sends a request of a new page and the time when the page fully appears in front of you in the browser. If you own an e-commerce store and you want to enhance its performance, then you will have to work on its loading speed. The page loading time must be reduced as this will increase conversion rates of your store. Besides using the tips to speed up your site that we offered before, you are able to optimize your site by using the best website speed checkers which are feature packed and very much beneficial for your website. We show you the most widely used tools for checking website speed in this article.

Most Widely Used Tools For Checking Website Speed

Tools For Checking Website Speed


This website speed checker helps you in examining all the parts of your web page. It views the sizes of the files, the page loading time and other necessary details of your site. It checks the overall performance of your website. The software helps you in improving the website performance by providing you with tips and grades. You can easily trace the past performance of your website with the help of Pingdom. Besides, you can test your website from variant locations and can share your results with your colleagues too.


This is an excellent speed checker which helps you in developing a faster and quick loading website. You are able to check out the efficiency of your website by using this software. With the help of GTMetrix, you can improve the overall working of your site. You are definitely going to love this speed checker becuase of its easy usability and excellent functionality.

Ping Domain Tester

Ping Domain Tester is an amazing speed checker tool which helps you in displaying the details of your site. These details include the time which it utilizes for getting a good control packet from the web host. This speed checker also displayed the loading duration of any website. This value can be utilized for seeing how much time does your website use to load.

Web Page Tests

With this speed checker, you can run the speed test for free. You can test the working of you website from variant locations with the help of real browsers. Simple tests can be run and you can also perform advanced sort of testing which includes steps of transactions, content blocking, video capturing and much more. The results provided for you will contain rich information which includes waterfall chards of source loading and tips and suggestions for the improvement as well.

Web Page Analyzer

This is a free speed checker tool which helps you in brining improvement in your site’s performance. You just have to enter the URL of your website and the software will calculate composition, page size and download time for you. The script of this website speed checker measures variant elements of you site and then add them together. It then provides you with different tips and suggestions regarding improvement in your website’s working.

Load Impact

This website speed checker helps you in automatic testing of you website. It also helps you in conducting API testing of your website. It provides surety that the resources which are exhibited by API can be listed, created, upgraded and removed under the predicted load time. In addition, load impact helps you in carrying out the testing of your website applications. You can also do the testing of your mobile website with the help of this speed checker.

Show Slow

This is a very helpful tool which helps you in monitoring the performance of your website over time. Show slow helps you in capturing the results of insights of page speed, tests of web pages and Yslow too. You are provided with the results which contain graphs and ranking in them. This helps you in understanding the impact of variant changes on your website’s performance. Show Slow measures how reference pages perform. It also provides permission for the reporting of public metric and contains data for a time period of 90 days in it.