Social Media Traffic Tips: 6 Smart Ways To Connect With Social Media Influencers

Meeting people online is easy? You just tap them on the virtual shoulder, say ‘hey’ and become long term friends. Sadly, that’s not how it works. People are swamped and they only have time to make connections with people that provide some level of value or benefit. That’s true for you and its certainly true for the superstar social media

1) Who Are the Influencers in Your Niche?

Chances are there are a handful of big name people in your niche that you ‘d love to get to know. Not only could you pick their brains and find out a lot, you could also use your connection with them to add credibility to your own business. Imagine, as an example, if you have a crafting niche and are connected to Martha Stewart on Facebook. That would be a big deal, right? You would be able to introduce yourself to her viewers and establish a high degree of authority and credibility in your niche.

2) What’s In It for Them?

You can’t just go up to Martha and ask her to follow you on Facebook. We’ll, you could ask but chances are that she’s going to ignore your request. There’s nothing in it for her. Or is there? Before contacting any particular social media influencer, consider what value you might offer them. As an example, maybe you could offer to interview them and include a transcript of the interview in your upcoming book.

3) Keep it Succinct

When you’re initially connecting with a social media influencer, keep your message sweet and short.Keep your message short and sweet|sweet and short when you’re initially connecting with a social media influencer. Briefly introduce yourself and make your pitch. Let them know what you have to offer them and state your request.

4) Get Involved

Become an active participant of that influencer’s community. Become someone they know and recognize. Be courteous, professional, and productive– always offer value when commenting or sharing information. Respect and professionalism will help you get your foot in the door.

5) Be Persistent but polite

Didn’t get a response the first time? If they received your message, touch base a week later and ask. Social media is something that easily falls by the wayside if they are like many people. It can be difficult to keep up with.

6) FinallyFeature Articles

consistently strive to develop an excellent social media presence of your very own. Share valuable information. Interact with authenticity and transparency. And be an active member in your own community. The movers and shakers in your niche will take notice and maybe they will come knocking on your door instead!