What is SSL and Benefit Using SSL

Besides being useful for maintaining website security, the SSL function can also be used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimization.

This is of course because Google prioritizes safe websites to be presented to users.

So, a website that is SSL certified will more easily get a high ranking on search engines which is part of SEO optimization.

What are the other functions of SSL? Here Dewaweb has summarized it for you. OK, let’s get started!

Benefits and Functions of SSL

The main function of SSL is to maintain the security of your website from cyber attacks (hackers, phishing, scams, malware, etc.).

But furthermore, SSL can also be useful for optimizing your website’s SEO so that it has more potential to get top ranking in search engines.

Here are some of the functions and benefits of SSL for your website:

1. Protection of personal information

With so many e-commerce and internet banking services nowadays, you have to enter personal information on various websites to make transactions.

This is of course risky because if the website you are using is not secure, someone could steal or manipulate your data.

SSL is one of the protocols that guarantees the security of sending information online.

SSL helps your website (especially e-commerce) to meet payment card industry standards or Payment Card Industry (PCI) in order to accept user credit card information.

By giving commands to servers and browsers, SSL provides a secure channel so that website visitors can enter emails, passwords, and other personal data without fear that the data will be leaked.

2. Make your website more trustworthy

Your website is part of the success of your brand. If you want your website to be more professional and credible to be trusted, SSL can help you.

SSL will help maintain the security of your website so that it doesn’t contain malware that is harmful to visitors.

Google even gives a warning “Your connection is not private” if there are users who will access a website without an SSL certificate.

It is easy to know, websites without SSL certificates can be easily distinguished, namely from the protocol which is still HTTP.

Meanwhile, if it is HTTPS (S means ‘secure’), then the website is safe to visit. Therefore, Google prefers websites with the HTTPS protocol because they are guaranteed security for users to visit.

3. Optimizing your website’s SEO

Maybe this is one point that not many people know about. Indeed, there are many factors that affect the SEO of a website on the search results page. There are many things you have to do to optimize but one of the things you have to do is use SSL.

As mentioned above, Google prioritizes websites that already have an SSL certificate in managing ranking on search results pages.

If your website gets a high ranking on Google, of course you will get more traffic. With more traffic you get, you will also increase your ranking on the first page of search results. With an ongoing cycle like this, using SSL on your website can be an effective start.

4. Overcome ads inserted by ISP

Internet Service Provider (ISP) often inserts advertisements when you open a website. Maybe you have experienced this when you are browsing something – especially from a mobile phone – and there are advertisements from your provider.

If you have a website, ad inserts like this can harm you. Then how to stop it? By installing an SSL certificate and changing your protocol to HTTPS, you can stop ad inserts from this Internet Service Provider. Easy isn’t it?

5. Provide authentication

The next function of the SSL certificate is to provide authentication. This is very useful for your website customers when they want to transfer information.

So, your customers will not send information to fraudulent servers who are trying to steal information.

This is important because any computer can pretend to be your website and trick users into sending them personal information.

The only way to avoid this from happening is to protect your website with an SSL certificate from a trusted SSL provider.

Interested in Using SSL?

Apparently, the function of SSL is not only about website security but also SEO optimization. Very efficient, right?

So, is SSL that important for websites? The answer is, of course! SSL is so important that even Google requires all websites to have an SSL certificate.

This is because Google prioritizes content from websites that are safe to serve to users. So, make sure your website is safe, okay!

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