10 Useful ASP.NET Core Libraries that AMAZING Helpful!

Microsoft released .NET 7, another major support in the .Net family from the old, Windows-based .Net Framework to an entirely new cross-platform, open-source, offering the new trend for .NET developers.

With every new version, new features are added that help developers deploy highly scalable and high-performance applications using less Code.

In this article, I’m listing down some of the really useful but not very generally used .Net Core Libraries that every developer should know.

1. Aspnet-boilerplate

Asp.Net Boilerplate is a general-purpose application framework particularly developed for new advanced web applications. It uses already well-known tools and implements best practices around them to give you a deep development experience.

2. AspNetCore-Rate-Limit

AspNetCoreRateLimit is an ASP.NET Core rate limiting solution designed to manage the rate of requests that consumers can make to a Web API or MVC app based on IP address or client ID. You can allow an IP or Client to make a maximum number of calls in a time interval like per second, 15 minutes, etc.

3. Soap-Core

Soap Web Services or WCF was missing in .Net Core from his earlier release. It was one of the most demanded & searched features of .Net Framework. So, after a few months of DotnetCore release, Mike from Microsoft provided a solution for implementing a middleware component for handling SOAP requests & also gave a working version of the blog’s sample code.

4. AspNetCore-Spa

Asp.Net & Angular SPA Fullstack application template with lots of examples. It supports .Net Core & Angular with Entity Framework Core & both SQL Server and SQL lite databases. It’s also secure with CSP and custom security headers with clean architecture & code organization. Some more features are: SignalR, PWA support, Fast Unit Testing with Jest, E2E testing with Protractor.l, Compodoc for Angular documentation, User role, login, registration functionality, Swagger & many more.

5. Smidge

A lightweight runtime JavaScript/CSS file minification, compression, combination & management library for ASP.Net. It offers many great features, e.g. Minification, compression, combination for JS/CSS files, JS source maps, client-side caching, server-side caching, Fluent syntax for creating and configuring bundles, Cache busting.

6. NopCommerce

NopCommerce is a free & open-source e-commerce platform. It’s a completely customizable shopping platform developed in Asp.Net Core. Its structure is modular & clear which enables developers to easily customize the front-end layout and the back-end functionality.

7. EasyCaching

EasyCaching is an open-source caching library that includes basic usages and amazing advanced usages of caching which can help us to manage caching more simpler.

8. Dotnet-Boxed/Templates

.NET Core project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum code required to get you going faster.

9. AspNet5-Identity-Server-Angular-Implicit-Flow

OpenID Connect Code / Implicit Flow with Angular and ASP.NET Core IdentityServer4.

10. e-Shop-On-Containers

Cross-platform .NET sample microservices & container-based application that works on Linux Windows & macOS. Powered by .NET Core, Docker Containers & Azure Kubernetes Services. Supports VS, VS Mac & CLI based environments with Docker CLI, dotnet CLI, VS Code or any other editor.

Final Verdict

Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll find some Libraries useful for your next Asp.Net Core Project. If you have other interesting Asp.net core libraries, please comment below. Thank you

George W