5 Ways to Increase Page Views on Your Website

Are your page views insufficient?

Want visitors to stay longer and see your other content?

Getting visitors to stay on your website for more than a few seconds is quite difficult, especially encouraging them to read other content. In fact, in analyzing website visitor data, page views are an important measure to pay attention to.

Most visitors to your website don’t have time to browse more than one page. Your bounce rate increases every time a visitor leaves your website with only one page view.

Although low page views are not a measure of the quality of a website’s content, it does mean that visitors are not interested in other content because you are not providing a proper way to navigate your blog. Low page views also indicate poor user experience (UX) quality.

What is user experience? According to Wikipedia, the term user experience means a person’s emotions and behavior in using a product, system or service. UX is also not only related to the user interface (UI) but also related to the experience of visitors when visiting your website.

Lack of enthusiasm for visitors to view other content also leads to low engagement rates which in turn can reduce conversion rates. These can all make your website less effective at selling.

In this article, we will explain why page views are important and how you can increase them.

Page Views vs Unique Visitors

Increasing the page views of your website should be one of the important goals for every webmaster. From a user experience point of view, page views are an indication of the quality of a website that is much more important than visits or unique visits. Example:

Website A: unique visitors 30,000, page views 32,512

Website B: unique visitors 17.271, page views 43.265

If you look at the data above, of course you will think that website A is far superior with a high quality website because of the number of unique visits. Even though website A is not superior because of its small number of page views.

Website A: Average page views per visit: total page views / unique visitors = 32512/30000 = 1.08

This shows that every visitor is not interested in reading other content on this website. Visitors will only read one piece of content and then close your website.

Website B: Average page views per visit: total page views / unique visitors = 43265/17271 = 2.5

This shows that website B is far superior to website A because it means that visitors read or view at least three pages before finally leaving your website. This also means that website B has a better quality user experience and manages to maximize every unique visitor to view other content. In addition, the high number of page views per visit also indicates that website B offers content to the appropriate visitors.

When viewed from a financial point of view, higher page views lead to better income (through AdSense, sales, CPM, etc.).

The Importance of Increasing Page Views

There are several important reasons and benefits of increasing website page views, namely:

1. Increase revenue through advertising

If you are planning to sell space for advertisements on your website then most advertisers will want to know your number of page views because page views are directly related to how often your content is viewed and how often the ad is seen.

High page views can increase ad revenue. Broadly speaking, the higher your page views, the more revenue from advertising and the value of your website will also increase.

Even if you don’t plan to include ads on your website, online advertising can take anything from a simple banner ad, affiliate links to sponsored posts and featured content.

2. Increase your conversion rate or conversion rate

All websites have a purpose and if the goal of your website is business you want to increase conversion rates.

One of the ways to get visitors to buy your products or use your services is to join an email list or keep them on your website for as long as possible.

The longer a visitor spends on your website, the easier it will be to earn their trust and get them to buy the product or service you are offering.

The two benefits above are the reasons why page views must be your top priority in increasing sales, registrations, and subscriptions.

How to Increase Number of Website Page Views

The advantage of how to increase page views is that it doesn’t require a complex strategy. Increasing page views only requires good planning regarding the website design and content provided.

1. Use Relevant Links

Many website owners include links to articles simply because they read that Google values content with external links. This causes them to include links that are irrelevant to their content. Why are links important in improving user experience?

  • Links can help provide answers. If only a small proportion of readers will ask about something in your article, you can provide a link for them.
  • Links can help readers in exploring the topic you are discussing. When you write something, of course you have to choose the scope of the discussion. If there is a related topic that is interesting but you don’t have space to explain it, you can provide a link so that readers can continue to explore the related topic.
  • Links can build trust and credibility. Links to posts that are based on strong data will make readers trust the information you provide more.

Then, do you have to include internal or external links? The answer is to enter the link that provides the most appropriate explanation, both on your website and on other websites.

It should be noted that your articles that are very relevant to the article you are writing will be better than articles on other websites because readers are already familiar with your writing style.

Internal links also have the added benefit of increasing the number of website pages viewed by visitors.

The new website doesn’t have too much and quality content to be used as internal links, but websites that have been creating content for years already have a lot of related content that can be used as internal links.

You can use external links as a strategy for promoting your content where this strategy helps make your website appear more trustworthy to search engines.

Also, the main benefit is that if you provide a link to a reliable source, your visitors will thank you for bringing them to such a great website and they can turn into loyal readers.

Although not all links will be clicked by visitors, you can get an additional 10-20% of page views.

2. Loading Speed Optimization

If you have a long piece of content it will certainly include images to make it easier to read. However, the number of images also affects the loading speed of your website, especially for those who read using cellphones.

40% of visitors will close your website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Website loading pages can affect your number of page views, not to mention your goal conversion rate and search engine optimization.

There are a lot of rewards to websites for fast loading websites so this should be your priority too. We have provided some tips for speeding up your ASP.NET website loading that you can follow.

You can use website analytics data to see if your visitors use their cellphone or PC more to view your website.

This way, you can create content accordingly. For example, your visitors use PCs more so that articles with lots of images don’t bother you. However, if your visitors mostly use mobile phones, it is better to create content in a different format.

3. Simple Website Design

Your writing must be the focus when visitors read your article. If you create content that is easy to read, readers will continue to read your content without being distracted. If you make it difficult to read, readers will not be enthusiastic about visiting other pages of your website.

Even though every website has a different design, there are 3 things that usually annoy readers. Here’s how to solve the problem.

  • Minimize or remove the sidebar

The sidebar is an often overlooked element of a blog. You have to think carefully about what to include in the sidebar, but the sidebar doesn’t really matter.

One of the blog media that is currently popular is Medium. Medium is popular because it’s easy to read and doesn’t have the distraction of a sidebar. Website owners who use a simple layout like Medium are able to increase not only their page views but also the conversion rate by 26-71%.

If you still want to use the sidebar, only enter important information such as bio, links to popular and top posts, links to products or services.

  • Optimized the use of scroll down top menu

The menu at the top of the blog that moves as you read the article can certainly be annoying. However, if you do want to use this technique, choose only a few menus that are important.

You can do a test comparing before using and after using this technique and its effect on visitors. If it doesn’t bother you, you can still use it.

However, if you start adding headers, footers, share buttons to social media or sidebars, you will only end up making visitors feel uncomfortable no matter how good your content is.

  • Don’t use pop-ups.

Although pop-ups increase the conversion rate via email subscription, it also annoy visitors. As a result, the number of your visitors will decrease and your page views will decrease.

If you want to use pop-ups, delay the time they appear. Don’t let pop-ups appear while the website is loading, wait at least 10-60 seconds.

Let readers enjoy your content for about 30 seconds to a minute, then closing a simple pop-up shouldn’t be too distracting.

4. Consistency Is Very Important

Your credibility will be supported by consistency. Website design and content must be consistent because readers who have visited your website several times already know the shape of your website.

There are two main factors to consider in consistency and user experience.

  • Branding and logo

Brands can be recognized in many ways but it is easier to recognize them through logos. If you are shown a logo of a famous brand, you will easily guess the brand.

Whatever product or service you offer, you are advised to use that logo in all forms of communication: blogs, emails, products, or landing pages. Imagine if your logo changed from a blog page to a landing page which would confuse visitors.

  • Style

Styles include color schemes, font types used, font sizes, layouts, writing tones, and more. Being consistent helps readers know their expectations for your blog, which also improves their user experience.

If you want to show your creativity, just show it through content rather than through website design.

5. Interesting Content

Even though you have attracted visitors with the four tips above, content is still the most important part because there is no way readers will want to read content that is not interesting.

Interesting content makes readers want to read your other content so that your chances of increasing page views are higher. Improve the quality of your content and the amount of traffic and number of pages read also increases.

Interesting content is usually content that is comprehensive, in-depth, informative, entertaining, accessible, trustworthy, and useful. Apart from increasing page views, useful content will also provide “share triggers” where readers will be more likely to share the content on their social media.


Maximizing the page views on your website provides many benefits ranging from increasing your potential income from advertising to increasing conversion rates. Google also likes websites with low bounce rates, high number of page views per visitor, duration of visiting websites, and others.

Although there are many ways, increasing your website’s page views doesn’t have to be a pain. Attractive content, simple design, fast website loading, and providing links, especially internal links in your articles, are some of the ways that also help optimize your website and user experience.

Do it one by one and be patient and measure and test in applying the tips above. Don’t get frustrated if something you try doesn’t work. Some of the methods might work well on other websites, but they may not necessarily give you good results.

Ultimately, you have to know your target audience and experiment with different ways to find out which one works best and gives the best results.

In addition, increasing page views means that you help increase user experience and revenue so that your website is more trusted and liked.

In increasing page views, you have to be patient a lot as this is not a method that can work overnight. Hope this article helps!

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