FREE Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL from HostForLIFE

As HostForLIFE’s customers, you can get free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL from us. This setup can be done easily via your Plesk control panel.

All it takes is a few clicks in our updated Let’s Encrypt interface in the Plesk Panel. Ever since we heard that Let’s Encrypt plan to launch free Wildcard SSL, we’ve been eagerly waiting for this and we are proud to be among the first hosting companies to successfully integrate the new SSL in their platform. We strongly believe that global adoption of SSL certificates makes the Internet a more secure place.

What is Wildcard SSL and How to Get It?

The Wildcard SSL is different from the standard SSL because it secures the traffic not only for your primary domain name, but for all of its subdomains as well (e.g. This is particularly useful for websites with different sections divided by subdomains (like online stores, websites with message boards, chats, etc). With a standard SSL you need to install a separate domain certificate for each subdomain, and with Wildcard you can secure them with a single certificate. This makes setting up and maintaining a website with multiple subdomains much easier.

How to Choose Correct SSL for Your Website

Note that the standard Let’s Encrypt certificate is perfectly fine, if you do not use subdomains. SiteGround will continue to automatically install this type of certificate for every new domain name. However, every SiteGround customer can upgrade existing Let’s Encrypt standard certificates or install new Wildcard ones in the Let’s Encrypt Tool, located in your Plesk Control Panel. All Let’s Encrypt Wildcard certificates and installations remain absolutely free.

Let’s Encrypt Vs Premium SSLs

Even though we now offer Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL for free, we will continue to provide Premium EV and Wildcard SSL certificates through GlobalSign for the customers who need them. While Let’s Encrypt is an excellent alternative for informational and personal websites, bigger organisations and ecommerce websites may want to take into consideration the Premium SSLs, which come with dynamic seals, extended validation options and underwritten warranty of between $10 000 and $1 500 000.

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