How to Choose ASP.NET Hosting Plan Based on Your Requirements

There are a wide variety of the ASP.NET hosting packages available to help you succeed online. However, with so many choices, it may be difficult for you to decide how to choose the right hosting.

Well, this time we will help you understand more about our ASP.NET hosting services, their important features, and examples of their use. We’ll also cover a number of important considerations when you’re choosing a hosting plan.

Immediately, let’s look at the article and read it to the end so you know how to choose hosting that’s good for you!

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting allows you to host multiple websites on one server and share resources with other users. The concept is like renting a boarding house with friends, where you have your own room but need to share other facilities.

Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting plan, so it is suitable for small to medium scale websites. At, there are three types of ASP.NET shared hosting that you can choose from:

  • Classic Plan
  • Budget Plan
  • Economy Plan
  • Business Plan

Each plan includes different features, and the price reflects what you’ll get. For example, the Business plan package has definitely higher specifications than Classic or Budget plan.

Want to know more? We will discuss each plan individually below.

Classic Plan

Classic plan is the most suitable plan for those of you who only want to host one website and one email account. This hosting package is the most affordable, starting from €3.49/month.

With Classic plan, you already get unlimited GB of SSD storage, unlimited GB of bandwidth, 2 MSSQL database, 2 MySQL databases and weekly backup. You can also create unlimited email accounts

Despite being the cheapest ASP.NET hosting plan, our dedicated support team always ready to assist you 24/7/365.

However, this plan does not include a free domain. So if you don’t have a domain yet, you have to get it first.

This plan is best suited for:

  • Users who have one personal blog
  • Beginner users in the ASP.NET web development
  • WordPress and other CMS users

Budget Plan

Budget plan also lets you create unlimited ASP.NET websites at once. Yep, this is an economical option for those of you who want to use one package for many websites.

The price starts from €5.5/month only.

However, keep in mind that this plan is still part of shared ASP.NET hosting. You may need a higher plan if you plan to host more than one resource-intensive website.

If it’s only for a few small ASP.NET websites, this package is of course still very capable. Moreover, with this package you will get many upgrades from the Classic plan.

Instead of unlimited disk space and bandwidth, Budget plan includes free SSL certificate, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts, and one year free domain.

This plan is best suited for:

  • Users who have more than 5 ASP.NET websites that don’t have high traffic
  • Users who have several medium-scale websites
  • WordPress and other CMS users

Economy Plan

Economy plan is our most favourite rated shared ASP.NET hosting plan, and prices start from €8.00/month.

One of HostForLIFE’s best ASP.NET hosting plans provides massive storage and additional resources, so you can host resource-intensive websites.

You will get all the features in the Business plan with lots of upgrades.

This plan provides free SSL certificate, free domain name, and daily backups.

This plan is best suited for:

  • Users who have several small or medium scale eCommerce websites
  • Users who manage many medium-scale ASP.NET websites or blogs.
  • WordPress and other CMS users

Business Plan

Business plan is our most highly rated shared ASP.NET hosting plan, and prices start from €10.99/month.

One of HostForLIFE’s best hosting plans provides massive storage and additional resources, so you can host resource-intensive websites.

This plan provides unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated memory usage, free SSL certificate, free domain name, and daily backups.

This plan is best suited for:

  • Users who have several large scale eCommerce websites
  • ASP.NET web developers
  • WordPress and other CMS users

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting provides dedicated resources from the server network to ensure maximum performance and uptime. With this package, you will not share resources with other users with the risk of down-time.

The special resources you get will be the same between cloud hosting and VPS. However, you don’t need special technical skills to manage cloud hosting.

So you could say that cloud hosting is a combination of VPS in terms of resources, and shared hosting in terms of ease of management.

Switching to another hosting can also be done without problems if the host cannot be reached, so it will avoid down-time.

At, we offer four ASP.NET Cloud Hosting plans:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

If you are already using shared hosting, consider upgrading to cloud hosting if your website really needs more resources. On, you can upgrade anytime directly from your helpdesk.

Cloud Silver Plan

Cloud Silver plan is our most basic and affordable ASP.NET Cloud hosting plan. Starting from €3.99/month, this package can host one until three ASP.NET website and unlimited email account so it’s perfect for beginners.

The Cloud Silver plan includes all the necessary features to host a single website. You will get 10 GB SSD storage, 20 GB bandwidth, and weekly backups.

Note, however, that this plan does not include a domain name, so you must purchase it separately.

Cloud Silver plane allows users to create unlimited subdomains, but of course it will eat your resources on the server, so it is highly recommended for you to create 2-3 subdomains only. You can also host WordPress blog with single click installation via control panel

Despite being the most affordable option, this plan is a managed plan, so you can get 24/7 support from our Customer Success team.

This plan is best suited for:

  • New ASP.NET user who owns a simple ASP.NET website
  • Beginner user in WordPress development

Cloud Gold Plan

Cloud Gold plan is capable of handling up to 20 ASP.NET websites. This plan starts from €6.49/month, and is perfect if you want to host multiple websites with one package.

Cloud Gold plan offers many upgrades over the Cloud Silver plan, including 30GB SSD storage, 70 GB bandwidth, up to 100 subdomains, and unlimited email accounts.

This package also provides advanced ASP.NET tools for optimizing websites. Apart from that, you can run multiple ASP.NET websites on control panel.

However, even though it is capable of hosting multiple ASP.NET websites, it should be noted that Cloud Gold plan uses a shared cloud hosting architecture. That is, you will still share resources with other users’ websites.

If you need to host multiple ASP.NET websites with this plan, make sure the websites don’t require a lot of resources to avoid poor performance.

This plan is best suited for:

  • Users who have many small or medium scale ASP.NET websites
  • Beginner user in WordPress development
  • Users who own small online stores who don’t use themes and plugins

Cloud Platinum Plan

Cloud Platinum plan is best suited for small to medium sized ASP.NET businesses. Starting from €22.99/month, you get 10x more storage space than Cloud Silver plan and other great features for more websites.

With Cloud Platinum plan, you’ll get 100 GB of SSD storage, daily backups, and staging tools.

This plan is best suited for:

  • Users who have many small or medium online stores
  • Users who have many ASP.NET websites
  • Advanced ASP.NET Developers users

Cloud Titanium Plan

Cloud Titanium is our highest ranking ASP.NET Cloud hosting plan. Pricing starts at €44.99/month, and includes a significant upgrade of Cloud Platinum plan. For example, you can host 3x as many websites and handle 2x more traffic per month.

Unlike our other ASP.NEt Cloud hosting packages, ASP.NET developers uses cloud hosting infrastructure so you don’t need to share resources with other users.

One of HostForLIFE’s best hosting plans is perfect for those of you who have a complete portfolio of small to medium businesses. If you are looking for the best ASP.NET Cloud hosting, you must choose Cloud Titanium plan.

With Cloud Titanium plan, you get all the features of Cloud Platinum plan and additional upgrades. You will get 200 GB SSD storage, 800 GB bandwidth, free dedicated IP, and can host up to 300 websites.

This plan is best suited for:

  • Users who have many small online stores or several large stores
  • Users who have projects and ASP.NET websites that require intensive resources
  • Advanced ASP.NET developers

Cloud Dedicated Server

A Cloud Dedicated Server gives you full access to dedicated resources from a virtual server partition. You don’t need to share resources with anyone, and you can manage every detail on our Windows servers as needed.

The main benefit of Cloud Dedicated server hosting is its stability and flexibility.

You can work on resource-intensive projects and gain root access, giving you complete control over your hosting needs. This flexibility is not available on managed plans such as shared and cloud hosting.

If you want to find out more, you can read our other articles about the differences between shared hosting and VPS.

Cloud dedicated server is mostly used by technical users, and we don’t recommend it for beginners. This is because qualified technical skills are needed to be able to optimize the use of this cloud dedicated server.

Due to its semi-managed nature, full support is not available for cloud dedicated server plans. Our support team can only help with questions around cloud dedicated server management and some other back-end issues.

There are eight of HostForLIFE’s best hosting packages for cloud dedicated server that we provide, with prices starting from €17.99/month. Of course the specifications of each package are also different. The higher the plan, the more resources you get.

Cloud dedicated server can be adjusted according to your needs, so you can upgrade to a higher package at any time.

In addition, our Cloud dedicated servers are located in multiple data center locations, including Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Singapore, United States, and also United Kingdom.

Keep in mind that this plan does not include a domain name. Therefore, you have to buy it yourself.

This plan is best suited for:

  • Advanced web developer
  • Users who already understand the Windows OS
  • Programmer

So, Which HostForLIFE’s Best ASP.NET Hosting Plan Is Right For Me?

As a web host, we have HostForLIFE’s best ASP.NET hosting plans to offer for your various needs. Here’s a summary:

  • Shared hosting. Affordable and beginner-friendly, but you need to share resources with other users’ websites. Suitable for beginners and small to medium sized websites.
  • Cloud hosting. Tough and easy to use. Perfect for large online stores or resource-intensive projects.
  • Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting. Flexible and guaranteed performance, but requires special technical skills. The best choice for technical users who take care of large projects and need complete management freedom.

We’ve also covered five important considerations in how to choose the right ASP.NET hosting:

  • Understand the needs of your website.
  • Check available server locations.
  • Consider the support you need.
  • Find out the available backup options.

Hopefully this article can help you find the best HostForLIFE hosting plan that suits you the most. If you have questions or suggestions, please submit them via the comments column below!

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