How to Renew Your Domain?

The domain name is an important component for the website because it serves as your website address. However, did you know that a domain cannot be owned forever? Yep, you have to renew the domain regularly.

Well, since the process is not the same as buying a new domain, we will explain how to renew a domain in this article. We will describe how to renew domain on HostForLIFE hosting panel.

To get started, we’ll first cover why you should renew domains regularly and explain domain life cycles so you don’t suddenly lose your domain when it expires. Let’s Begin!

Why You Must Renew Your Domain Name?

Domains are only active for a certain period of time. Depending on the registration and registrar, the lifetime of a domain can be anywhere from 1 year to 10 years. After that, the domain will expire (expired) along with all related services, such as website and email, even though the hosting account is active.

If it has already expired, your website is also at risk of losing old customers and finding it difficult to get new customers, and of course it will damage your business reputation.

Also, if you don’t renew your domain for a few weeks after it expires, it’s possible that someone else will buy it and use it for their own purposes.

Domain Life Cycle

All domains will go through certain stages during their active period, starting from registration, expiration, until they are available again. This stage is usually called the active life cycle of the domain or the domain lifecycle.

It’s important to understand this cycle so you know when to renew your domain without paying extra fees.

In general, there are five stages in the domain lifecycle:

  • Available. At this stage, the domain has not been registered. You can check the availability of the domain you want using the domain checker tool.
  • Active. After you purchase and configure it, the domain will enter its active period. Depending on the registration and TLD of the domain name, this lifetime can range from 1-10 years.
  • Grace period (grace period). After expiration, the domain will enter a grace period, which lasts between 0 and 45 days. At this time, your website will not be accessible, but you can still renew the domain with the usual process at no additional cost.
  • Redemption period. After the grace period expires, the domain enters a redemption period, which lasts between 0 and 30 days. At this time, you must contact the registrar to renew the domain and pay an additional fee.
  • Pending delete (Waiting for deletion). This is the final stage in the domain lifecycle. At this point, you can no longer renew the domain. In the end, other users can buy the domain.

How to Extend a Domain on

It’s best to renew the domain while it’s still active to ensure your website doesn’t experience downtime.

Depending on your domain TLD, the renewal process will be available several months before the expiration date. To renew an active domain, login to your account and follow these steps:

  1. Login to Your domain registration panel -> find domain that you want to renew
  2. Then, please kindly click renew button as shown below:

3. Then, you will see pop up about the cost to renew your domain name.

4. Just follow steps to complete the payment.

How to Renew Expired Domains

How to renew an expired domain will depend on the stages, whether it is in the grace period or redemption. To check domain status, you can login to domain portal registration.

If it’s still in the grace period, hover over the status to see when your domain will enter a redemption period.

Additionally, there will be a Renew now button in the domain row. Click the button, then you will be directed to the renewal process like an active domain.

If the domain is already in the redemption period, you will need to contact our Customer Success team to renew it.

In addition, you will have to pay an additional fee to reclaim the domain.


Well, you have to renew your domain regularly to keep your website active. While most subscriptions have an annual period, some domains can be registered for up to 10 years.

At, you can easily renew your domain via domain portal registration above. It’s best to renew this domain while it’s still in active status to avoid down-time, lost customers, and extra costs.

George W