Simple Tips to Improve Your Blog Writing Skill

If you want to start a blog as a business then you have to know how important it is to write content which resonates with your readers. So, in the end it provides value, and builds user retention. Personally, it had taken us years to find out the true value of solid content because we depended more on quantity then quality. Many of you will agree that writing content can be difficult however we believe that you need to have specific skills, and you’ll be able to get ahead of your competition. For example, if your English is not good then you can always rely on an editor to help you out. However, you have to ensure you have substance in your posts so readers find the value they deserve. Today, we’ll be looking at some tips to improve your blog writing skill so you are confident when building a relationship with your readers.

How to Improve Your Blog Writing SkillSimple Tips to Improve Your Blog Writing Skill

Tips 1 – Research

It’s important you do your research before starting because this will provide guidance for you when going forward. When you know what to write about, you’ll have an easier time writing, correct? We suggest researching keywords, your competition and even skimming through forums looking for hot topics you can write about. Once you have a handful of topic, you can start writing your content and apply the structural elements which we’ll be discussing below.

Tips 2- Title

Always ensure your title includes your keyword because this will help attract users from within the SERP’s. Visitors tend to arrive on a site when they see their main search keyword visible within the content, and title. When you search within Google you’ll notice all results show a title, and description. This is why it’s important to have your focus keyword ready at all times.

Tips 3 – LSI Keywords

These help by providing further guidance to you when you are writing out your content. LSI are known as “latent semantic indexing” keywords, and are relevant to your main keyword. Many people love using them within the content because that’s a great way of giving a guidance as they write, and keep them focused on the topic. They also help with indexing, and provide you flexibility if your going to build links to your page. LSI keywords can be used as anchor text going forward.

Tips 4 – Structure

What does it mean when referring to structure? It’s important your visitors see structure within your content so they’ll find it easy to read when they arrive on your page. This means adding H1, H2, bold and italic styles to your content. It’s important at the same time to ensure you have space throughout your paragraphs which will not scare the readers away. Imagine arriving on a page, and seeing 2,000+ of words cluttered together. This can be distracting, and many visitors might not want to proceed simply because they feel it will be hard to find the solution they are looking for.

Here are a few things I suggest when publishing content so it will improve your writing skills, and keep visitor engagement high:

  • Separate paragraphs by keeping sentences short (5-6 mx)
  • Use sub-headings
  • Add images if possible to separate paragraphs
  • Use H1
  • Use H2
  • Use bold when applicable

Tips 5 – Edit Your Work

This is very important because how else are you going to get your point across if the reader can’t understand anything. However, you are very lucky because these days you have so many freelancers who’ll edit your work for you. Let’s explore two options you have:

First, you can edit the article yourself if you have the skills and time. However, this is an option you have especially when your skills are top notch, and you know you’ll do a great job editing.

Secondly, there are many websites which offer editing for cheap like You have so many other people who can help so all you have to do is a quick search online and you’ll find someone you is perfect.

The most important thing to keep in mind is ensuring your content is edited and readable. If you can’t get your message across then it’s going to be even harder to build user retention and loyalty.