How to Resolve “Page Not Found” Errors on Joomla Sites

When you advise Joomla to utilize SEF (static) Urls, a few clients may encounter 404 blunders (“page not found”) when they click menu things on your site. On the off chance that the SEF Urls setting in Joomla breaks your menu things, making Urls that can’t be discovered, regardless you have trust.

In case you’re utilizing the Apache web server, you can utilize the mod_rewrite module to educate Joomla to modify Urls in SEF adaptations. Additionally, take a glance at a famous expansion called sh404sef. Considered by numerous to be one of the best SEF apparatuses accessible, sh404sef is both JED Editor’s pick and in addition a settled download most loved among genuine Joomla clients.

You just need to stress over undertaking the accompanying steps if the SEF URL choice in the Global Configuration page breaks the Urls on your site. In the event that the SEO Friendly Urls alternative is situated to Yes in the Global Configuration page SEO sheet and you discover your Joomla site is working as it ought to, there’s no compelling reason to dive into this.


Check for mod_rewrite

To begin with, figure out whether your Apache establishment incorporates mod_rewrite. Restricted is to check with the tech staff of your Internet facilitating supplier, yet in the event that your facilitating supplier’s tech staff is anything like mine, they won’t have a sign. You can check for the module yourself, in any case.

On the off chance that end up hitting a block divider each time you set out for some searching for technical support, consider searching for a more Joomla-accommodating facilitating organization. Nowadays, there are a considerable measure of them out there, and they would most likely be excited to have your business.

On the off chance that mod_rewrite is being stacked, you can see that in Joomla. Click on the Site catch, found in the upper left-hand corner of any back-end page. Starting from the drop menu, select System Information. After the System Information page burdens, select the PHP data tab. The complete whole of your Joomla site’s PHP data is presently readily available.

Design Joomla to utilize mod_rewrite

At the point when mod_rewrite is accessible, you can design Joomla to utilize it by renaming a record in Joomla’s root registry. Take after these steps:

  • Look in the registry where you introduced Joomla for a record named htaccess.txt.
  • Rename this document .htaccess.
  • Restart Apache.
  • At the point when Apache restarts, your new .htaccess document produces results.
  • Pick Site →global Configuration in any back-end page to open the Global Configuration page.
  • In the SEO Settings sheet, select the Yes radio catch in the Use Apache mod_rewrite segment.

Congrats! SEF Urls ought to work for you now


TIPS : Numerous hosts don’t oblige you to restart Apache in the wake of rolling out improvements to your .htaccess document. Then again, a few hosts might as of now have a .htaccess record which Joomla needs to be added to. On the off chance that you experience any troubles in arranging your site to utilize mod_rewrite, check in with your facilitating supplier’s technical support for aid.

NOTES : SEF settings are all that much indigent upon how your facilitating supplier is situated up. Tragically, not all SEF settings chip away at all facilitating suppliers. On the off chance that you have issues with your SEF settings, you will need to weigh in with your facilitating supplier’s help administrations for aid. As dependably, you can likewise depend upon the a huge number of clients at the help gatherings to furnish you with tips to get you up and running.